Our Mission

To raise and manage funds to enhance the health and wellness of our community, in the spirit of our benefactor, Judge Bennett.  


We purchased a set of Lite Rock curling stones for the Fundy Curling Club Little Rocks program. Click here!

Proud supporter of the Sistema program at Hillsborough Elementary School! Click here!

Albert County Health Care: A Team Approach. Click here!

We have  sponsored spin bikes in some local schools! Click here! 

Happy to support Literacy Express program again this year as well! Click here. 

We proudly support the Imagination Library Program in our community! Click here!

Click here to know our Foundation better!  

We are a proud supporter of Tele-Drive.  Read all about it by clicking here! 

Memorial Program

It is a difficult time when we lose a loved one, and there are many decisions and matters to be taken care of. We recognize this.

We also know that it can be a real comfort to remember a loved one by making a lasting gift in their memory. Our foundation offers the opportunity to do just that. All memorial gifts directed towards the foundation are permanently recorded in our Memorial Book that is on display in the Albert County Health &Wellness Centre.

These donations also help us purchase equipment and support staff education to meet the healthcare needs of the people served by the Health and Wellness Centre.

Memorial Cards are available at local area funeral homes, and at the Albert County Health & Wellness Centre.

We are also happy to mail our memorial cards out to keep on hand for when you need them – 
call 882-3100 or email bachfoundation@horizonnb.ca for your supply today.



Donor Recognition

All donors regardless of their giving level will be recognized under the Donor Recognition Program as depicted. This program has been developed with the attitude that all gifts are important and appreciated and that a monetary gift is never more important than individual relationships with our supporters. 

Click here to read more about our Donor Recognition Program 


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